Mental Health & Addiction

Herndon Recovery Center offers dual diagnosis treatment. We understand this is key to a successful recovery, and there is a licensed psychiatrist on staff who can treat co-morbid mental health conditions.

Patients receive psychiatric assessments from the office of Satnam Atwal, M.D., concerning any underlying issues, such as a co-occurring mental health disorder. Successful treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders improves the chances of recovery.

Our staff understands that alcohol and drug addiction issues are complex and often accompanied by other mental health issues. Each of our patients undergo mental health and trauma assessment to determine the extent of their substance abuse disorder. This ensures all issues are properly diagnosed and treated.

For many people, a psychiatric problem develops prior to the addiction, and the patient turns to drugs or alcohol to cope with the challenges of their disorder. This might be done to self-soothe or calm nerves, or to boost feelings of confidence or happiness. Many in the healthcare field call this “self-medicating,” and it’s a behavior that can lead to addiction.

In other instances, drug and alcohol abuse changes the brain and causes mental health disorders to develop or worsen. Some people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol can develop symptoms of a psychiatric disorder, including depression, hallucinations, or rage. Regardless where the starting point was for any patient, our goal is to help him or her reach a complete and successful long-lasting recovery.