About Service

At Herndon Recovery Center, we understand that patients are not the only people affected by their addiction to alcohol or drugs. Addiction damages relationships, and to achieve a successful recovery, patients must try to heal these damaged relationships. Our treatment programs include education and counseling for families with the goal of helping them understand the numerous factors that led to their loved one’s addiction.

Addiction is often referred to as a family disease because it not only leaves the addicted person in pain, it causes pain for loved ones as well. In many cases, the disease has progressed to a crisis level by the time help is sought. Healing these relationships takes a great deal of work and often requires the support of third-parties who can guide the patient and his or her loved ones through the repair process.

Our family program offers a variety of education and support tools designed to help family members deal with their loved one’s addiction, set healthy boundaries, and re-establish trusting relationships. We limit the number of patients we treat at any given time to ensure each person and his or her family receive the individualized attention and care needed to promote a full recovery.

We understand how important family members are when it comes to healing from an addiction, and we want to give patients the opportunity to turn to their family and use their loved ones as a valuable resource to help in their addiction recovery.