Heal at Home

Intensive Outpatient Treatment provides an opportunity for patients to spend time in their regular environment, while still receiving structure and support from a therapeutic program. Outpatient therapy allows patients to heal β€œat home,” instead of removing them from real-world temptations for a short period of time. This makes it possible to build an everyday support system right from the start.

Outpatient therapy is sometimes recommended for patients who are not in need of a medically-supervised detox. The program might also be appropriate for people who need to continue recovery after a successful detox on a part-time basis that allows them to accommodate family and work obligations.

Patients in our intensive outpatient program meet three days per week for three hours for an eight-week period. During this time, they engage in individual and group therapy, addiction counseling, 12 step meetings, and family support sessions. We keep our programs small, to ensure each person receives the attention and quality of care needed to make a full recovery.

These programs are not appropriate for everyone, but they can be an effective tool for promoting lasting recovery. The patient learns to apply what is learned in treatment to his or her everyday life. Unlike residential treatment, there is little to no adjustment period needed for a person to return to their life outside of rehab.

Outpatient therapy is an excellent way to help a patient rebuild his or her personal life and heal the relationships that were likely damaged by addiction to alcohol or drugs. Because patients live at home during intensive outpatient therapy, they are able to work on these relationships immediately.