Option To Return Home

Partial Day Treatment Programs provide the intensity of residential programs, but allow the patient to return home at the end of the day while dealing with addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our partial day programs meet six days per week in for around seven hours a day. Lunch is provided. The length of time someone is enrolled in a partial day program depends on his or her unique circumstances. Partial day programs include group and individual therapy, 12 step meetings, addiction counseling, and family support sessions.

In order for a partial day program to be appropriate, a patient needs to:

  • Live in the local area
  • Have reliable transportation to and from the program
  • Live in a sober home
  • Have a demonstrated ability to abstain from using drugs or alcohol

In many cases, patients referred to partial day programs have spent time in a round-the-clock residential program, but have progressed enough to not require care 24 hours a day. The structure of a partial day treatment program gives them the support they need, but also allows them the independence of applying what they have learned in treatment. Partial day programs tend to work better for patients who have support at home and who are not exposed to temptations within the home.

Partial day programs are effective because they provide routine support to patients still facing challenges from their addiction on a regular basis. For many, knowing they have daily support can mean the difference between finding the strength to continue in their recovery and relapsing. These programs are very effective and have helped many people achieve long-lasting recovery.

Patients in the partial day treatment program receive the same support and services given to patients in the residential program, and have access to many of the same treatment options as those living onsite. Our programs are limited in participation, to ensure quality care and enough attention for each participant.